Track123 Tracking API services use 9 key statuses.

Delivery Status

INITNew shipments added that are pending to track.
NO_RECORDThis shipment has no tracking information available yet.
INFO_RECEIVEDThe carrier has received a request from the shipper and is preparing to pick up the package.
IN_TRANSITThe shipment is in transit.
WAITING_DELIVERYThe shipment is out for delivery or has arrived at the collection point for pick up.
DELIVERY_FAILEDCarrier attempted to deliver but failed due to address issues, unavailability of the recipient, etc.
ABNORMALParcels are damaged, returned, customs detained, and other abnormal situations.
DELIVEREDParcel delivered successfully.
EXPIREDParcel has no tracking information for 30 days since added.