In Transit Sub-status

IN_TRANSIT_01Parcel is on it's way.
IN_TRANSIT_02Parcels have arrived at the sorting center.
IN_TRANSIT_03Parcel customs clearance completed.
IN_TRANSIT_04Dispatching, the package has been encapsulated and will be sent to the airport soon.
IN_TRANSIT_05The package has been handed over to the airline and is being sent to the destination country.
IN_TRANSIT_06Landed, the package has arrived in the destination country.
IN_TRANSIT_07The parcel has arrived at the local post office or courier outlet and delivery will be arranged soon.
IN_TRANSIT_08The package is on the plane and the plane has departed.

Waiting Delivery Sub-status

WAITING_DELIVERY_01The parcel is out for delivery.
WAITING_DELIVERY_02The parcel has arrived at the collection point for receipts to pick up.
WAITING_DELIVERY_03The recipient requests a delayed delivery or the courier leaves a note after a failed delivery waiting for a second delivery.

Delivered Sub-status

DELIVERED_01Parcel delivered successfully.
DELIVERED_02Successful pick-up by the recipient at the collection point.
DELIVERED_03Parcel delivered and signed by the customer.
DELIVERED_04Parcel delivered to property owners, doormen, family members, or neighbors

Delivery Failed Sub-status

DELIVERY_FAILED_01Delivery failed due to address related issues.
DELIVERY_FAILED_02Delivery failed due to the recipient was not at home.
DELIVERY_FAILED_03Delivery failed due to the recipient can not being reached.
DELIVERY_FAILED_04Delivery failed due to other reasons.

Abnormal sub-status

ABNORMAL_01Parcel unclaimed.
ABNORMAL_02Parcels detained by customs.
ABNORMAL_03The package is damaged, lost, or discarded.
ABNORMAL_04The order is canceled.
ABNORMAL_05The recipient refuses to accept the parcel.
ABNORMAL_06The return package has been successfully received by the sender.
ABNORMAL_07The package is on its way to the sender.
ABNORMAL_08Other exceptions.

Info Received Sub-status

INFO_RECEIVED_01The carrier has received a request from the shipper and is preparing to pick up the package.